Whimsical thoughts on the small and the little bit bigger than small things of life.

Writing is a bit of a hobby for me, along with knitting and doing jigsaw puzzles. I have a love-hate relationship with jigsaw puzzles, they make me angry but I can get quite addicted to doing them – what does it all mean, I don’t know, but I’ll just go with the flow.

I live here in sunny Sydney, Australia with my husband and two sons. We like playing board games and watching television series together. We recently finished watching The Wire, where we learnt how to make ourselves understood in the streets of Baltimore, and True Detective which has developed in us a fear of bunched up sticks. We don’t play Pandemic any more because we never win.

Please feel free to browse, and let me know if you like something and I will…, I will… be happy.

That’s me down there.

Photo on 15-03-2015 at 2.02 pm


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