My New Friend

My robot vacuum cleaner is shiny and new. I though a long time before purchasing it. Apart from a little noise, it does its job without fanfare, asking for no reward.

My robot vacuum cleaner is forever ambitious. It thinks that it is much smaller than it is, banging itself repeatedly against small openings, trying to get to the dust on the other side. I don’t think It’s too smart.

My robot vacuum cleaner is aways calm. If it gets tangled up in electrical cords it patiently tries to back out of the situation, not causing a fuss, though one day while I took a nap, it swallowed a small one and soldiered on with a tummy ache (Warning: Do not try this at home – we now have one dead electrical cord).

My robot vacuum cleaner is highly distractible. Even if there is dirt right in front of him, he may turn away and go towards some dirt that’s caught his eye on the other side of the room. I don’t mind, he will come back to it later, ….I hope, …. one of these days.

Sometimes I help my robot vacuum cleaner by sweeping things he’s forgotten to get. It’s all right, he’s only little, (with a 90 minute capacity) and I’m big.

My mum follows my robot vacuum cleaner around the house saying, ’Cute!’ in Chinese.

My robot vacuum cleaner likes to hide under my bed and play with my slippers. He has the habit of spending too long in the bathroom, so much so that I have to lock him out after one visit.

One day the power went out and my poor robot vacuum cleaner wondered around the house, red-faced, cleaning for hours. I couldn’t get him to go home, even though I showed him where home was. He just pushed his home around as if it was something to clean. I found that quite disturbing and kind of disrespectful. I didn’t know that my robot vacuum cleaner could have such attitude. But then once the power went back on he snapped out of his trance and went back home for a long, long rest.

My son doesn’t like my robot vacuum cleaner. When he’s in his room my robot vacuum cleaner always likes to rattle the shoe rack, making all the shoes fall off. He is banned from that room now, but that doesn’t stop him from going down the hall and knocking on the door many times to see if my son has had a change of heart.

He’s not a snob, I’m sure, but my robot vacuum cleaner won’t pick up fine dust. That’s ok, he can’t be expected to do everything. He’s not a slave! I follow him up with a Swiffer.

Yes, my robot vacuum cleaner is not perfect, but neither are the rest of us! I love my robot vacuum cleaner.


2 thoughts on “My New Friend

  1. What a wonderful blog about your little robot vacuum cleaner. It was so funny it made me laugh, and also very touching to read about you being so kind and understanding to the little robot. I especially liked the way he knocks on your sons door trying to rattle the shoe rack so the shoes fall off, and also the chomping of the electrical cord, and the time the power went off. I thought it was fantastic 8Grapes. Especially the bit about your Mum following it around saying how cute it is. It is good to know it belongs to such a good family.


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