Hello Blogworld! Can you hear me? I’M HERE, finally – only 15 years after blogs were invented. Thank you nieces and niece-in-law for your encouragement. You will/will not be disappointed!

Soon I will have a picture of 8 grapes above, that my son and I just took. We couldn’t decide on whether grapes photographed better in the sun or in the shade, whether they should be placed in an orderly fashion or whether we should throw them down and photographed them where they landed. You will see our decision by next post. Can’t wait!

As some of you may know, I like writing. Sometimes I have an itch to record something I’ve seen, sometimes I write for the therapy of it, sometimes I just like to impress myself. Thankfully, I’m easily impressed.

i’m a mum with two adult children and a husband – we’ve been married for more than a quarter of a century! (That’s ! as in Yay, not ! as in oh you poor thing.) Apart from writing, I love to read. In a perfect world I would read for most of the day, and be slim and healthy, be a super mum and wonderful wife. But in this world I spend a lot of time looking sideways at my pile of books, tell myself, not yet, you have to get a, b, and c done first. Apart from the above I’ll knit a hat or two, or have a late night jigsaw puzzling session.

What will I write about? Something ponderous I’m expecting. I will be writing about garbage, food words that describe people, and racerback singlets with coffee, that’s for sure. Then I guess I’ll go on from there.

Bye for now, hopefully I will see you next time.


8 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. MY NEW FAVOURITE BLOG!!!! So excited to see that this is happening! This was my favourite title, too! So catchy and clever. Great date to launch, too! Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your next post! Love your first post – fantastic! Xx

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  2. Hello there ! Congratulations on the blog! Really enjoyed reading your first i- your style outs me in mind of Pam Ayres so will look forward to your next instalment- perhaps with some enlightenment on name 8 grapes- cheers from Kim

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